Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tip: skype chat commands

Recently I discovered the fact that Skype has a bunch of useful chat commands which can save time clicking around UI and overall come in handy.

Those should be used in latest Skype version and can be typed as a message, no one else will see it except you.

/get uri for example will return you an url that others can use to join the group conversation.

/remotelogout will sign out all other instances except the current one. Ain't it useful to log off Skype you left open at work? :)

/showplaces will show all the other instances where this Skype name is currently signed in.

/alertson and /alertsoff will enable/disable message notifications for current chat. By the way enabling notifications can be used with filter /alertson [text] specifying text which should appear in chat to trigger notification.

Complete list of commands can be found here or simply type /help in chat and it will give you the same link.

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